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WEDDINGHotel Village Mathios

e can plan the perfect wedding and honeymoon at Hotel Village Mathios to make your special day even more memorable! Let's make all our plans for the most important day of your life, taking care of every detail, until the last candle and rose petal. With professional experience and friendly smile, we design step by step your dream day even when it comes to all legal documents. We work with hairdressers, photographers, make-up artists, luxurious spaces, and even include your dream car that will make the bride feel like a princess on her last journey as a free woman and her first as a happy husband!

Live every moment. Explore the beautiful colorful beaches, the rich archaeological interests of our island, meet our caldera through a sailboat, walk to the volcano and ruin the energy of the island, go to the warm waters, mourn your palate with the local specialties and the unique tastes wines of Santorini. All this will make you love Santorini even more and want to come back.